What Happened Inside Hong Kong’s Spinning Factory?

Why We Recommend it

Featuring historic photos, vintage cotton products, as well as archival documents and objects, this exhibition unravels the rich history of Hong Kong’s textile industry.


The Mills building was formerly a cotton-­spinning factory owned by Nan Fung Textiles. The green walls and high windows in The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery are vestiges of the golden era of Hong Kong’s textile industry.

Through a showcase of rare historic photos, cotton products representative of the Hong Kong working class, and retired tools, Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile’s exhibition Welcome to the Spinning Factory! brings visitors back to the 1940s, the heydays of the local cotton textile industry.

Visitors can also try their hands on making their own cotton label using traditional spinning instruments at the designated workshop stations.


When: 17 Mar 2019 - 17 Mar 2020 Where: The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery, The Mills – 45 Pak Tin Par Street – Tsuen Wan