[Closed] Hong Kong’s First Historical Exhibition on Amateur Naturalists

Why We Recommend it

Ecology In The Making: A History of Amateur Naturalists in Hong Kong explores the stories of 12 individuals who contributed to the making of modern ecology in Hong Kong from 1816 to 1984.


Lung Fu Shan Education Centre is closed until further notice. Please refer to the official website for details.

Neither scientists nor professionals, amateur naturalists are simply curious about the natural world around them. Their interest has led to important scientific contributions to our understanding of fields as diverse as birds, butterflies, frogs and geology. Together, their encounters with the different species of Hong Kong and the works of knowledge they produced create space for us to explore how anyone can become amateur naturalists in their daily lives.

Ecology In The Making: A History of Amateur Naturalists in Hong Kong exhibition shares the stories of 12 passionate individuals who discovered, collected and conserved natural specimens, including Father Bogadek and Chinese writer Yip Linfeng. Featured exhibition items include animal specimens, fossils, rare books and watercolour painting reproductions on display for the first time in Hong Kong.


When: 7 Jan 2020 - 22 Mar 2020 Where: Lung Fu Shan Education Centre – 50 Kotewall Road – Mid-Levels