How Did You Two Meet? Conversations Between M+ Art Curators

Why We Recommend it

Adapted from the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s How To: Disturb the Public “recipe book”, M+ invites the public to join art curators Pi Li and Isabella Tam as they discuss all things art, design and architecture.


How To: Disturb the Public is a “recipe book” created by the Canadian Centre for Architecture that details alternative formats of running public programmes, thus reimagining their representation and the ensuing relationships between institutions and the public. Inspired by this, M+ has launched How Did You Two Meet?, a series of online talks featuring conversations between different curators, each with backgrounds in visual arts, design and architecture.

The latest talk in this series will feature Pi Li, Sigg Senior Curator, and Isabella Tam, Assistant Curator at M+. They will engage in intriguing conversations that revolve around unorthodox pairings of works spanning across art, design, and architecture.

The talk will take place on Microsoft Teams on August 27 and can be registered for here.


When: 27 Aug 2020 - 27 Aug 2020 Where: