Book Launch: Introducing Master Artist Hsiao Chin’s “A Historical Dialogue with Art”

Why We Recommend it

Abstract art pioneer Hsiao Chin introduces his new book, and will share his story as a leading figure in Taiwan’s influential To-Fan Art Group.


Hsiao Chin is celebrated as a pioneer of modern abstract art in the 20th Century, and is widely recognized in both Eastern and Western art scenes.

Hsiao Chin’s achievement lies not only in his contribution to the promotion and progress of Eastern modern art movement, but more significantly, he has successfully inaugurated new expressions and possibilities for traditional Chinese ideas and elements, which was crucial to the modernization of art in China.

His art book launch is co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Hsiao Chin Art Foundation, with support from 3812 Gallery.


When: 12 Sep 2017 - 12 Sep 2017 Where: McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre – 2 Harbour Road – Wanchai