I Miss You When I See You: LGTB Filmmaker Simon Chung’s Latest Hits the Silver Screen

Why We Recommend it

Simon Chung‘s fourth film tells the story of two former schoolmates who reunite after a dozen years apart and discover that their feelings for each other have remained unchanged.


I Miss You When I See You (Hong Kong/Australia, 2017) is Hong Kong filmmaker Simon Chung’s biggest production to date.

The film, a moving portrait of two outsiders, deals with issues of social conformity, depression and internalised homophobia, which Chung finds very relevant in today’s world, especially Hong Kong. He comments: “Even though [Hong Kong] is, on the surface, a modern and progressive city, gays and lesbians still face a great deal of social pressure, and many still live closeted or partially closeted lives.”

I Miss You When I See You tells the story of high school buddies Kevin (Tracey director Jun Li) and Jamie (Bryant Mak). While their friendship gradually develops into something more, their nascent relationship is cut short when Kevin departs for Australia. After reuniting in Australia nearly a decade later, chronically depressed Kevin follows Jamie back to their native Hong Kong. This forces both to make a choice between following their hearts or succumbing to the norms of a heterosexual society.

We spoke to Chung in April this year ahead of the release of I Miss You When I See You. You can read our interview here.


When: 27 Nov 2018 - 2 Dec 2018 Where: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre and The Sky, Olympian City 2