Inside Out: World’s Largest Participatory Art Project Comes to a Hong Kong Tram

Why We Recommend it

A tram running between Whitty Street and North Point will be layered with pictures of refugees, advocating diversity and inclusion in Hong Kong.


This participatory art piece involves decorating a tram with portraits of asylum seekers as part of an initiative that aims to use art to reveal untold stories of Hong Kong’s refugee community.

The project is inspired by acclaimed French artist JR’s signature large-format street paintings, and is a collaboration between Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation and We Are Here, a local independent art charity focused on advocating for refugee rights.

Inside Out is the world’s largest participatory art project, inviting individuals to share and paste their portraits around cities all over the globe to make a statement for what they stand for. Over 260,000 people have participated in 129 countries since 2011.

The event is pegged to Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10th, but the tram will run daily through December.



When: 1 Dec 2017 - 31 Dec 2017 Where: Whitty Street Tram Depot – Connaught Road West – Western