Intermixture: Three Emerging Japanese Artists Hebime, Madara Manji and Masayuki Tsubota

Why We Recommend it

Three Japanese artists experiment with diverging materials, blurring the boundary of painting and sculpture in their own ways.


Displayed together for the first time, the three featured artists work with diverging textures to arouse subtle feelings in the viewer.

By encouraging viewers on a path of introspection, these works invite one to re-experience the seemingly familiar in a fresh way.

Featured will be the works of Hebime (b. 1982), who applies layers of acrylic paint over the wooden board and then engraves its surface with a chisel.

Hebemi, who was heavily influenced by the Surrealists, creates rhythmical marble patterns on carved surface.

The Tokyo-based artist Madara Manji (b. 1988-) creates metal sculptures based on Mokume-gane, a traditional Japanese toreutics technique.

Masayuki Tsubota (1976- ) creates a series of sculptures with wood and aluminum, delicately shaving and polishing the medium with vibrant colours.



When: 1 Dec 2017 - 7 Jan 2018 Where: Whitestone Gallery – 57-59 Hollywood Road – Central