Into the Ancient Walled City: Dapeng Peninsula

Why We Recommend it

Join the Royal Geographical Society for a historic field trip to the Dapeng Peninsula near Shenzhen to visit a 600-year-old fortress and a Hakka village to savour traditional local lunch and snacks.


Dapeng Peninsula is known for its striking views across the waters of the New Territories, and Dapeng Fortress on the east — one of Shenzhen’s most hallowed historical treasures — where one of the key battles in the country’s infamous opium wars took place.

Setting off from Central, the day will begin with a tour of the fort, a well-preserved example of a Ming Dynasty fortification built in 1394. Dapeng Fort was initially built to protect the approaches to the Pearl River mainly from pirates, but later developed into a walled city. The morning also includes a visit to a private museum inside a traditional courtyard house, followed by a local Hakka banquet lunch traditionally prepared by the local community.

Another highlight will be traditional rice cookies making workshop, followed by a walk through the winding alleyways of the town.

The day concludes with two options: a visit to the Dongshan Temple or Chinese paper fan making. The Dongshan Temple dates back over 600 years and features exquisite sculptures, carvings and paintings. The trip will end at City Hall, Central.

Please note that China visa/ valid travel permit is required. Please apply by yourself and personal travel insurance is recommended. Pre-booking by e-mailing to email to is required.


When: 23 Mar 2019 - 23 Mar 2019 Where: Dapeng Peninsula