Jesper Just’s Continuous Monuments: A Film with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

Why We Recommend it

Danish Artist Jesper Just’s film shows musician Kim Gordon, former bassist in Sonic Youth, in a landscape delineated by a long fence on the United States-Mexico border.


Gordon, donning a tutu and cowboy boots, runs a stick along the border fence, creating a rhythm in a childlike gesture, but one executed with intention.

The wall, a symbol of division and divisive politics suddenly becomes a musical instrument. In reassigning its meaning and transforming it into a productive object, capable of creation, the power structures between architecture, territory and function are rearranged.

This poignant film will be shown alongside the works of John Henderson, an American artist whose works grapple with issues surrounding the painterly gesture, modernism and abstraction.


When: 1 Sep 2017 - 1 Nov 2017 Where: Gallery Perrotin – 50 Connaught Road – Central