Joshua Serafin and the Art of Expression in Being and the Body

Why We Recommend it

Filipino dancer and performer Joshua Serafin performs excerpts of his dance pieces I.B. 99085 and Void and examines the capacity to access and articulate memories, ideas, sensations, fantasies and desires through physical manifestation.


Serafin investigates how the internal process of perception and memory in relation to external impulses can resonate in physical and tactile images he identifies as personas or alter identities. Notions of the “ideal body” and “ideal identity” in relation to a dystopian future are key elements in his work.

Serafin, now based in Brussels, is a graduate of Philippine High School for the Arts where he majored in Theatre Arts. Serafin studied at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Contemporary dance. His work deals with questions about identity, states of being and ways of inhabiting the body. He is interested in the duality between the physical form and its representation manifested through the alter identity he created called “Void”.

The performance is companioned by a workshop led by Serafin on 17 September 2019. Starting with a discussion, the workshop focuses on the idea of manipulating the body through an understanding of the desires and fantasies of the participants in relation to the context and environment they live in. Please RSVP to


When: 18 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019 Where: WING, Platform for Performance, 21F, Chai Wan Industrial City 2 – Sheung On Street – Chai Wan