Journal of a City Foot Soldier: An Exhibition on Urbanism

Why We Recommend it

Through works of art, literature and research, this exhibition invites visitors to explore urbanism from the perspective of a city walker.


There is so much more to walking than walking! ─ Jan Gehl

Journal of a City Foot Soldier is a free exhibition showcasing diverse approaches and perspectives of city and urbanism thinking through the works of both local and international artists, among whom Gordon Matta-Clark, Francis Alÿs and Lam Tung Pang.

Visitors are also encouraged to reflect on the city and city living as a modern urban dweller at the exhibition’s public reading room, where they will find a special collection of urban research and literary works about the exploration of cities.

The exhibition is curated by Sara Wong, a Hong Kong-based visual artist and landscape architect and one of the founding members of independent art institute Para Site.


When: 5 Oct 2018 - 6 Jan 2019 Where: Oi! – 12 Oil Street – North Point