[Cancelled] KidsFest 2020: World Class Theatre for Young People

Why We Recommend it

Nine exciting productions for the little ones makes KidsFest a worthy diversion for families.


Please note that all remaining KidsFest! 2020 performances have been cancelled due to the current ongoing coronavirus situation. Please see the official website for details regarding ticket refunds.

KidsFest brings nine different children’s classics to life on stage over six weeks, offering productions such as The Gruffalo, Tabby McTat, Mr. Men and Little Miss, and Dinosaur Zoo.

See Mr. Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle and Little Miss Inventor leap off the page and onto the stage as puppets at the hilarious Mr. Men and Little Miss. Stimulate your little ones’ imagination at Dinosaur Zoo, which also features a cast of large-scale, life-like puppets.

Produced by ABA Productions, KidsFest is dedicated to creating and promoting a wide variety of performance styles from all corners of the world.



When: 15 Jan 2020 - 23 Feb 2020 Where: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts – 1 Gloucester Road – Wan Chai