HK Kids International Film Festival Returns with A Line-Up of Summer Movies

Why We Recommend it

A festival to enrich cultural learning and inspire young mind. This 3rd edition comes with 11 adventure and detective films, animations and musicals from around the world with post-screening talks by professionals from the film, cultural and education sectors.


Founded in 2017, KIFF aims to bring meaningful films from around the world to children and
teenagers in Hong Kong with the belief that films are a powerful medium to enrich cultural learning and inspire young minds. Its vision is not only to encourage children to watch films on big screens, but also to learn to appreciate films from different cultures, which in turn will ignite their imagination, nurture their creativity, and broaden their minds.

This year’s highlights include:

Abe (USA and Brazil) traces the story of 12-year-old Abe, the son of an Israeli mother and Palestinian father. His passion for food allows him some escape from the family tensions that are a reflection of the generations-old conflict between Israel and Palestine. While exploring Brooklyn to discover new foods, Abe meets Chico, a Brazilian chef who believes “mixing flavors can bring people together.” Abe plans a Thanksgiving feast that celebrates his diverse heritage, with the hope of unifying his family.

Hong Kong animation The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes – the Greatest Jail-breaker follows Mack, a 19th-century gentleman thief who was a difficult case for the Yard. Yet this did not stop Sherlock Holmes from seizing him at his daughter Katie’s birthday party. Four years later, Mack fights with the notorious Scarface in prison, and then climbing over the wall to escape. Sherlock understands that he has his own reason and decides to let him surrender afterwards. But Scarface suddenly appears and kidnaps Katie. Sherlock and Watson team up with detective Gordon Gorilla Riller and Carlson Fox for the rescue as a battle between life and death unfolds.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high…” Age-old Oscar-winning musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz turns 80 this year! Dorothy and her dog are caught in a tornado’s path and thrown into the magical land of Oz. With the help of some new friends, she must overcome adversity to make her way back home.

Each screening is companioned by a 15-min sharing session hosted by professionals from the film, cultural and education industries. Please note that the sessions are conducted in Cantonese without English translation.


When: 28 Jul 2019 - 5 Aug 2019 Where: Premiere Elements, Shop 2130, Elements – 1 Austin Road West – West Kowloon