Korean Artist Jeong Yun Kyung’s Hong Kong Solo Debut

Why We Recommend it

Korean artist Jeong Yun Kyung marries East Asian ink traditions with Western abstract expressionism, creating thoughtful works that draw on rich cultural references.


Dash and Symphony is London-based Korean artist Jeong Yun Kyung’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The title of the exhibition reflects the contrasting elements that are drawn upon in her works. Fine brush strokes are painstakingly outlined on the canvas, reminiscent of East Asian ink wash paintings.  The delicate, repetitive patterns give the impression of animal skin – a bird’s feathers or a snake’s scales. A second layer is added on top –  spirited lashings of paint splashed across the canvas, spontaneous dots and lines making raucous entries in loud colours.

The end product is nuanced and engrossing; the bold, bright strokes scream for attention, but it is the detailed patterns that peek out beneath that really draw viewers in. See how some contemporary elements blend into and seem to almost be part of the pattern, enjoying the noise and stillness all wrapped up into one.

Jeong’s work has been recognised internationally; she was one of the finalists of the Columbia Threadneedle Prize in 2012 and the Joongang Fine Art Prize in 2008.


When: 11 Jul 2020 - 22 Aug 2020 Where: Gallery Exit – 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan – Aberdeen