A Walk with Mysterious and Respected Deity Kwan Kung

Why We Recommend it

The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong and Tai Kwun take visitors on a tour to the temples and neighbourhoods vis-à-vis one of the most respected historical figures in Hong Kong.


Kwan Kung (關公), ‘Master Kwan’, originally Kwan Yu (關羽), was a famous general under the command of warlord Liu Bei (劉備) in the period of the late Han Three Kingdoms (220–280 A.D.). He was noted for his fealty to his country and wisdom in military affairs, for which he had been time and time again promoted by emperors and lauded by people with the title of respect. Kwan Kung has been worshipped by people as a deity to ask for victories in battles since the Song Dynasty (960—1279 A.D.). Temples dedicated to Kwan Kung are a common sight even in the time of relative peace today. He is the symbol of loyalty and righteousness in Chinese communities, and one of the best know Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia.

Co-organised by Tai Kwun and the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, special walking tours take participants to some of the historic and representative places in the city which are associated with this much respected deity.

Tour dates: 5 January 2019 (English), 12 January 2019 (Cantonese). 


When: 1 Dec 2018 - 12 Jan 2019 Where: Tai Kwun – 10 Hollywood Road – Central