L’Amour Immortal: A Dance in the Underworld

Why We Recommend it

Iconic Hong Kong film A Chinese Ghost Story undergoes a curious interpretive dance adaptation that breathes new life into an old story of enduring love.


Originally an adaptation of Hong Kong film icon Tsui Hark’s most emblematic film – A Chinese Ghost StoryL’amour Immortel is an enduring story that celebrates the beauty of love and humanity.

Gripping and poignant, this time-honoured story has been the subject of countless adaptations for cinema and television, with a new interpretation in dance.  Chronicling the star-crossed encounter between Nie Xiaoqian – a beautiful, bewitching ghost, and good-natured scholar Ning Caichen, the lovers must traverse the shadowy underworld to defend their love and freedom.


When: 9 Jun 2017 - 11 Jun 2017 Where: Hong Kong Cultural Centre – Tsim Sha Tsui