Let Your Heart Leap: Witty Family Show ‘Me and the Flea’ by Lichtbende

Why We Recommend it

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world of light and shadow as Lichtbende takes the stage with a dog-against-flea story by storm—and laughter.


The hilarious slapstick depicts the story of an adorable stray dog which finds itself a caring family. Little does the household realise that it has brought in another ‘family’ of fleas hidden in the dog’s fur. The bizarre story unfolds, as the family tries out all sort of ways to tackle the flea invasion.

In addition to the witty plot, another highlight of the performance is the combination of antique magic lanterns and live music in the portrayal of the story. Since its founding in 2010, Lichtbende from the Netherlands has created light art performances which make a multi-layered reality visible and tangible through the mesmerising merging of light, shadows and music. Popular among different countries for its poetic associative shows, the art group has toured in Brazil, Turkey, Chile and many more European places.

The show is also accompanied by a workshop on 24 December 2018 where participants can learn about the effect of light and shadow and create their own shadow figures from cardboard and translucent coloured plastics.


When: 23 Dec 2018 - 26 Dec 2018 Where: Various