Lung Wai Cantonese Opera Troupe Comes to Hong Kong

Why We Recommend it

Lung Wai Cantonese Opera Troupe, established by veterans Lee Lung and Wong Chiu-kwan, performs three Cantonese opera classics: Liu Jinding Crashes Four Gates, A Nocturnal Trial and Ten Charges against Yan Song.


In Liu Jinding Crashes Four Gates, when Zhao Kuangyin is besieged in Shouzhou, Gao Junbao is sent by his mother to rescue him with reinforcements. While passing through Double-lock Mountain, he meets a brazen Liu Jinding, female leader of a stockaded stronghold, who has set up a notice looking for a husband. Outraged by her prideful words, Gao crushes the stone in indignation. After several rounds of fighting, the magic-wielding Liu beats Gao by catching then freeing him three times. Gao is finally won over. Before he leaves, he offers the imperial tablet as a betrothal token. He continues his expedition to Shouzhou but has caught a serious cold, and is attacked by four generals. Will Liu arrive in time to save their hard-earned marriage?

A Nocturnal Trial follows Jizhou College Master Luo Guangchi’s quest for a husband for his daughter Fengwei. He announces to his students Chen Yansheng, Feng Guohua and Jia Congshan that whoever plucks the laurel in the imperial exam will marry Fengwei. Jia bribes the authorities for a place in the civil service, while Chen, being pushed down a notch to the third best placement in the martial category, goes back to their hometown early. Luo, acknowledging Chen’s achievements, gives Fengwei’s hand to him, while Feng and Jia return too late. The plot thickens when Jia kills another person by mistake and implicates Chen with the victim’s body…

In Ten Charges against Yan Song, Yan Song, the arrogant father of the much-favoured West Imperial Consort, yields immense power in court and fosters factions for private gains. The honourable and humane official Hai Rui, though holding a low-grade post, is adamant about fighting the villain. Yan’s son Shifan, backed by his father’s power, is a bully. He takes a girl by force and is arrested by Hai. When informed of his arrest, Yan barges into Hai’s residence to intervene. Will justice prevail or will Hai succumb to authority?

The production is companioned by two Cantonese talks on 28 Nov and 23 Dec 2019. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


When: 7 Dec 2019 - 21 Dec 2019 Where: Various