Man and Heaven in Harmony: A Kwok Hon Sum Retrospective

Why We Recommend it

Trained by the father of modern ink art Liu Kuo-Sung, the late artist Kwok Hon Sum’s delicate work pays homage to Chinese philosophy while showcasing mastery of colour, concept and brushwork.


This retrospective exhibit showcases an impressive and elegant body of work that spans the artist’s two-decade-long career.

With a strong foundation in philosophical and spiritual teachings, Kwok’s art often touches on metaphysical concepts like that of the interplay of “yin and yang” forces in the universe, and evocations of Buddhist and Taoist gods.

The show features works from early on in the artist’s career that show the link between Liu Kuo-Sung’s pioneering landscape works and his own, alongside later works that draw from Buddhist concepts of divinity and reincarnation to explore notions of the self.

In these later works especially, Kwok’s distinctive character shines through.


When: 27 Apr 2018 - 31 May 2018 Where: Galerie du Monde – 103 Ruttonjee, 11 Duddell Street – Central