Gentle Reminders: Sculptures and Wall-Hung Reliefs by Mark Whalen

Why We Recommend it

Over the Influence presents new works by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Whalen, whose sculptures and wall-hung reliefs are bright, playful and humorous.


Over the Influence presents a new solo exhibition, Gentle Reminders, by Los Angeles-based artist Mark Whalen. The exhibition features 10 new sculptural works and a series of wall-hung reliefs.

In this new series of sculptural works, Whalen mixes everyday themes of work and play by merging industrial materials with found objects and studio reserves. Bringing together iconic human shapes, colour and chromed elements, Whalen expands the narrative into vivid depictions of life’s folly.

Handwritten post-it notes give insight into the studio process, while figures playfully toy with sharpened pencils and slick sausage links.

A peek into Whalen’s sculptural construction confronts the viewer with the proximity of light humour and meticulous planning. Though the final results may be lighthearted and frivolous, the process is anything but – careful calculations and structure are needed to create the illusion of buoyancy in something made of such heavy materials.


When: 28 Mar 2020 - 9 May 2020 Where: Over the Influence – 1/F, 159 Hollywood Road – Central