Meet The Next Generation of Hong Kong Artists

Why We Recommend it

Discover 128 new and exciting artworks from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts’ graduating students of 2019 at this special exhibition.


Spanning a wide variety of media—from painting, photography and video to jewellery, typography and installations—this year’s Graduation Show of Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts (AVA BA Gradshow 2019) symbolises the expression of undiscovered power.

The show is a unique opportunity to explore the worldview of 128 young creatives, who will all be present at the exhibition, through their never-seen-before works.

A series of complementary events—guided tours, workshops, forums and artist’s talks—will be jointly arranged during the exhibition period. The university’s jury panel, teachers, alumni and fresh graduates will be sharing their their experience and opinions towards the artistic field.

To encourage in-depth understanding of art, symposiums by artists, art critics, curators, gallerists and scholars are scheduled in mid-June 2019 to serve as a platform for discussion. The symposiums are also open to the general public.


When: 24 May 2019 - 9 Jun 2019 Where: Kai Tak Campus – 51 Kwun Tong Road – Kowloon