Mountain Taoist: Chinese Landscapes in Ink and Finger Painting by Wesley Tongson

Why We Recommend it

See works by Hong Kong ink artist Wesley Tongson, who is known for using his distinctive style of finger painting in traditional Chinese landscapes.


After being temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 situation, the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong reopened on May 16 with a trio of exhibits. Six newly donated works by Hong Kong ink artist Wesley Tongson (1957-2012) will be featured in the exhibition Mountain Taoist.

Known both for his traditional ink work and distinctive style of finger painting, this exhibition will showcase both techniques, including his mountain landscapes and bamboo paintings, which together document his move from brush to finger.

Although modest in terms of number of works, the scope of the paintings spans 20 crucial years of Tongson’s life. He considered landscape paintings the most difficult form of Chinese art to master and spent most of his energy in mastering the form.

Tongson referred to himself as “Mountainscape teacher” in the 1990s and even signed his paintings as “Mountain Taoist” in his later years. Nature offered him a spiritual retreat, a zen-like space that—along with his painting practice—he could withdraw into.

Tongson’s works show a thorough understanding of the natural and spiritual meaning of the Chinese landscape and a deep appreciation for traditional masters, as well as their philosophies, art and culture. Representative works are also featured in Galerie du Monde’s group exhibition 3E14 through May 30.


When: 16 May 2020 - 26 Jul 2020 Where: University Museum and Art Gallery, HKU – 90 Bonham Road – Pok Fu Lam