Mountains in The Clouds: Xu Longsen’s Evolving, Monumental Landscape

Why We Recommend it

Introducing his concept of “monumental ink art landscape painting” Xu presents a series of recent works including a three-meter-high installation entitled Shanshui Totem. 


Coinciding with a solo show at the Art Institute of Chicago, Xu’s Hong Kong exhibit features Shanshui Totem, a monumental installation work turning the space into a “spiritual landscape,” alongside a series of monumental landscape paintings in a collection called Mountains in the Clouds.

Born in Shanghai in 1956, and now residing in Beijing, Xu’s artistic practice draws on the Chinese ink canon, often on a large scale—a trend more prevalent on the Mainland than Hong Kong, owing in part to the availability of space there.

Xu’s massive installation consists of a set of pillars moulded from felt and painted with layers of ink wash, along with a number of breathtaking landscape paintings—all inspired by the mythological Mount Kunlun, home to many Chinese gods and goddesses.


When: 25 May 2018 - 7 Jul 2018 Where: Hanart TZ – Pedder Building – Pedder Street