Movement: Group Exhibit Bringing Together Masters of Op and Kinetic Art

Why We Recommend it

Collaborating with influential gallery Denise René from Paris, Hong Kong gallery Puerta Roja offers a kaleidoscopic look at the Kinetic and Op art movement through 20th and 21st century incarnations.


In the 1950s, renowned gallerist Denise René started working with the forerunners of the Kinetic and Op art movement, helping catapult the likes of Carlos Cruz-Diez to fame.

The exhibition displays both historical and more recent works by artists who have worked within the legacy of the historical movement into the 21st century, presenting both an homage and ongoing outlook to the visionary spirit of Denise René.

[Image: Carlos Cruz-Diez, ‘Chromointerférence Spatiale Décembre.a’, Chromography on aluminium, 1964/2017 – © Galerie Denise René (rights reserved)]


When: 10 May 2018 - 22 Aug 2018 Where: Puerta Roja – 189 Queen's Rd W, Sheung Wan – Central