Multimedia Artist Han Jinpeng’s Disturbed Emotions Recreates Iconic Scenes with Irreverence

Why We Recommend it

With a passion for playing with imagery extracted from the Western art canon, emerging artist Jinpeng’s video art re-creates classic scenes with humorous irreverence.



Pope Innocent X dozing on his throne after two sleepless nights, the milkmaid blushing in a state of dishevelment owing to having been caught off guard by a gust of wind, a nauseous Bacchus suffering from a bad case of alcohol allergy… these are the scenes captured by Jinpeng in his playful works.

Evoking images of trivial disturbances that blight the protagonists in otherwise iconic scenes, Jinpeng explores the idea of reality and unreality in art and collective memory.


When: 30 Jan 2018 - 13 Mar 2018 Where: Leo Gallery – 189 Queen's Road West – Sheung Wan