Multimedia Artist Jiang Zhi’s Solo Exhibition “Going and Coming”

Why We Recommend it

Jiang Zhi’s most recent solo exhibition, “Going and Coming” explores the themes of temporality and impermanence of life, articulating the paradox of material and perception, suffering and experience.


The artist has created two series. A series of paintings under the theme Going-and-coming and a series of photographs under the theme Fade. These two series recombine and restructure the flowers used in Love Letters, Jiang’s iconic photo series from 2011-2016, which was created after the artist’s wife’s sudden death in 2010. For Love Letters Jiang selected one or two flower stems, as hit late wife loved flowers, sprayed them with alcohol and set them alight.

In the Going-and-coming series, the artist captures flowers moving about on a spinning table, suspended in a temporal series of movement and fragments, ever returning and reincarnating. In the Faded Look series, the artists replaces the real flowers in Love Letters with acrylic, silk and glass flowers that are artificial, seemingly permanent, and ever-green, though showing traces of dust and time.

Shown alongside these two series is an immersive four-channel video, In the Wind, which visualises the vehement struggles of individuals against mighty odds.


When: 27 Mar 2018 - 12 May 2018 Where: Blindspot Gallery – 15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building – 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road