My China (1976 – Present): Solo Show of American Photographer Robin Moyer

Why We Recommend it

This show features memorable scenes from Hong Kong and cities across the mainland, as captured by American photographer Moyer, who has been documenting life and historical events across China since 1976.




Being a freelance photographer based in Hong Kong, Robin Moyer carried out a wide range of assignments that included Cambodian Refugees, the War in Lebanon, and the Mujhadeen in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation (1984). He has led teams of photographers during the Philippine Revolt in 1986, the Seoul Olympics in 1988, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and the fall of Suharto in Indonesia in 1998.

This show features various slices of life through recent Chinese history, showing a wedding, scenes at a middle school, the last working junks passing through the Victoria Harbor in 1978, as well as the demonstration in Hong Kong in support of the protestors in Tiananmen Square.


When: 23 Jun 2018 - 1 Oct 2018 Where: Pekin Fine Arts – 16/F, Union Industrial Building, 48 Wong Chuk Hang Road – Wong Chuk Hang