Borrowed Landscapes: Chinese Post-Pop Art Painter Nan Qi’s First Hong Kong Exhibition

Why We Recommend it

The artist, who is famed for his three-dimensional ink art created with dots and reinterpretation of Chinese cultural icons, exhibits his innovative oeuvre in Hong Kong.



In his solo exhibition Borrowed Landscapes: New Ink, Nan Qi (b. 1960, Zhejiang Province, China) showcases his recent paintings that centre upon his eponymous ‘Nan Qi dots’. He uses an eerie three-dimensional effect to recreate iconoclastic images of renminbi notes, butterfly motifs and traditional landscapes. Nan Qi is famed for his interpretations of Chinese cultural icons, including female soldiers, the red star, currency and mountain landscapes, as shown by his previous exhibition where he incorporated emojis into formal paintings and played with symbols of communication and their context.

A long-term ink painting scholar at the People’s Liberation Army Fine Arts Academy in Beijing, the artist believes that contemporary ink paintings, within the context of ink, have unlimited possibilities for expansion and extension. His signature dots are a synthesis of ink accumulation and staining techniques.



When: 23 Jan 2019 - 2 Mar 2019 Where: Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, 21/F Lyndhurst Tower – 1 Lyndhurst Terrace – Central