Nasty Men on Screen: Thrillers ‘Se7en’ and ‘The Silence of The Lambs’

Why We Recommend it

Two acclaimed and chilling 90s thrillers, Silence of the Lambs and Se7en , are brought back to the silver screen in a mini film programme hosted by the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFF).


The Silence of the Lambs (1991, dir. Jonathan Demm ) is a psychological thriller in which a young, bright FBI trainee (Jodie Foster) seeks the advice of Dr. Hannibal “the cannibal” Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a brilliant renowned psychiatrist-turned-infamous psychopathic serial killer to apprehend another serial killer. The Silence of the Lambs is the third film in history to win the Big Five Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay).

Screening times: 5 and 17 January 2018.

Se7en (1995, dir.David Fincher) is a crime thriller that follows the story of a rookie and a veteran detective (played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) tracking down a sadistic serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who chooses the seven deadly sins as a motif in his murders.

Screening times: 27 January and 11 February 2018.


When: 5 Jan 2018 - 11 Feb 2018 Where: Various, Hong Kong