Listen With Your Eyes At “Notating Beauty That Moves: At An Exhibition”

Why We Recommend it

Curated by leading Hong Kong artists Samson Young and Yang Yeung, this curious show brings together musical scores, photos and paintings pertaining to contemporary and classical music.


Organised by Hong Kong Sinfonietta and curated by two leading Hong Kong artists, the award-winning Samson Young and Yang Yeung, who is Founding Member and Artistic Director of music collective soundpocket, this show presents musical scores in the classical and contemporary hands of composers from the past and present.

It features works by avant-garde composers Cathy Berberian, John Cage, Mark Applebaum, Morgan O’Hara, alongside those of Samson Young, who has completed a PHD in musical composition at Princeton.

Alongside musical scores, the diverse show features works-on-paper, drawings, moving images, texts, photography and paintings – all elucidating on the premise that “hidden beneath abstract signs that dot a score is a world of beauty that may be universally accessed”.

A series of concerts, featuring members of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the acclaimed Australian group Ensemble Offspring, will put a spotlight on the process through which musical signs are translated into physical motions.


When: 3 Mar 2018 - 29 Mar 2018 Where: ArtisTree – 1/F Cambridge House – Taikoo Place