An Ode to Life: Group Exhibition on Korean Lifestyle and Aesthetics

Why We Recommend it

An Ode to Life explores the lifestyle and aesthetics of Korean culture through paintings, photography, objects and crafts by 16 contemporary artists.


The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and Soluna Fine Art jointly present An Ode to Life, a group exhibition featuring the work of 16 contemporary artists that illustrate the lifestyle and aesthetics of Korean heritage. The work featured spans a number of mediums, including paintings, photography, objects and crafts.

In this group exhibition, works portray an idealistic image of life, beauty and aesthetics in Korean culture, especially with clothing, eating and living, inviting reflections on how to achieve happiness by living minimally in the contemporary world.

The exhibition is divided into three areas across two floors in the Korean Cultural Center: Clothing, Eating and Living. The first space showcases the beauty of Korean clothing culture, including hanbok, embroidery and modern jewellery. The adjacent section features an illustration of a Han-ok inspired residential space. The third space shines light on the aesthetics of Korean food culture, exhibiting high quality Buncheong ceramics and contemporary tableware.


When: 3 Jun 2020 - 4 Jul 2020 Where: Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong – 6-7/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street – Central