Hong Kong Dance Company’s ‘Ode to the Silk Road’

Why We Recommend it

Bringing together a number of prizewinning dance pieces, Ode to the Silk Road is a visually spectacular journey of exquisite moves and exotic costumes.


One of highlights of this year’s dance season, Ode to the Silk Road weaves together a number of lauded productions that underline the traditional elegance of Uyghur and Tajik dances. The performance, paired with exotic music and meticulously designed costumes, is inspired by the diverse cultures in, and distinctive landscape of, the Western Regions.

The production features a star-studded line-up. Guest choreographer Pasha Umer is the only Uygur soloist to represent Xinjian dance in the Xinjiang Song and Dance Ensemble in
Beijing. She was awarded a top national honour for her artistic ability from the China Ministry of Culture in 1992 and has starred as a lead cast in the motion picture Mirage, an international box office hit directed by the celebrated director Xu Xiao Ming.

Another guest choreographer, Ding Wei, hailed the “Best Young Choreographers of the People’s Republic of China”, has over 120 works to his credit, including the Zhuang-style grand dance drama Ma and Le Visiting the Sky, as well as dance extravaganzas such as The Spirit of Chinese Dance.

The performance will be companioned by the pre-performance activity Ethnic Dance Workshop and Demonstration from the Silk Road on 16 and 23 February 2019. The two evening workshops will focus on different ethnic dances. To register, please click here.


When: 22 Feb 2019 - 24 Feb 2019 Where: Kwai Tsing Theatre Auditorium – 12 Hing Ning Road – Kwai Chung