Zuni Brings Together Artists and Cultural Experts from Across One Belt One Road Cities

Why We Recommend it

Experimental theatre group Zuni Icosahedron hosts a series of events exploring the cultural possibilities of cross-city exchange linked to China’ One Belt One Road Initiative.


Devoted to promoting and interrogating cross-city and cross-cultural exchange, influential theatre establishment Zuni Iconsahedron are putting on a series of events focused on the cultural impact of One Belt One Road.

One Belt One Road is the Beijing-led economic initiative that seeks to expand China’s economic influence abroad. Zuni will bring together artists from cities along this route, facilitating cultural exchange and discussion.

This will take place in the form of a cultural forum that welcomes to Hong Kong a group of established and emerging artists and experts of traditional and contemporary art forms from cities along the route. Cultural policy makers and academics will also be present.

Related to this project is a Belt-Road edition of One Table, Two Chairs. This is a performing art piece that uses minimal stage props in a way that references Kunqu Opera, but which invites contemporary artists to experiment together and pave new ground for cross-cultural creative expression.




When: 1 Dec 2017 - 10 Dec 2017 Where: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre – 10 Salisbury Rd – Tsim Sha Tsui