[Online] Return! A Virtual Look at 19th Century Americans in China

Why We Recommend it

An interactive online exhibition provides delightful coverage of Hong Kong’s historical identity as a trading harbour, featuring beautiful photos, thoughtful descriptions and apt video explanations.


This interactive online exhibition from the Maritime Museum, entitled “Return!”, is a reinterpretation of two exhibitions, The Dragon and the Eagle and The Silver Age, which together paint an immersive and convincing picture of the stories behind global maritime trade.

The show explores the history of American traders in China from 1784 to 1900, telling tales of the American discovery of the trade route, American settlements in China, and the stories of Chinese and American women.  The visuals are varied and eye-catching; the trading ships and harbour are vividly depicted in exquisite landscape paintings, artefacts like delicate porcelain bowls and cups are shown to exhibit the items traded, and historical documents like signed trade agreements are also on view.

Although this online exhibition is meant to be viewed sitting in front of one’s screen, the smooth panels of exhibits that can be flipped through with ease lends to the feeling of physically travelling through an exhibition.  So hoist your masts, and get ready to sail through a dynamic journey of Sino-American trade history.



When: 1 Jul 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 Where: Online