Introducing Out of Place: A Reading of Kate Rogers’ New Poetry Collection

Why We Recommend it

Hong Kong-based poetry veteran Kate Rogers introduces her new book Out of Place at Outloud, a monthly reading series.


Part memoir, part journey, Kate Rogers’ new book Out of Place explores her relationship with Hong Kong through the years, posing questions on themes of belonging, ancestry and Orientalism. A lecturer at the Community College of City University, her poetry has appeared in The Guardian and the Asia Literary Review.

Rogers will read excerpts from her new book at Outloud, a monthly poetry reading event that will on this evening be introduced by poet Viki Holmes. Holmes will MC the ensuing “Out of Place” open mic session. The event start at 7:45.

[Illustration by Clara Blackwood]




When: 11 Oct 2017 - 11 Oct 2017 Where: Fringe Vault – The Foreign Correspondent Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd – Central