Flow with AFTEC: Water-themed Outdoor Festival in Lantau

Why We Recommend it

Lantau’s outdoor festival returns this year with the theme, Flow, which celebrates and explores water on an East-West, Urban-Rural and Ancient-Modern axis through interactive theatre performances, music, gigantic installations, story-telling, board game and workshops.


Organised by The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC), a registered charity, Flow with AFTEC at Shalowan is a visual and performing arts festival focusing on the theme of water, the source of all life. Following the success of 2018’s inaugural festival on Flight, this year’s outdoor adventure will entertain audiences of all ages with an interactive promenade theatre, soul-searching music performances, plus art installations. Families can enjoy a treasure hunt in the village, storytelling, crafts, educational games and workshops.

This year, the Eden Project from the UK will continue to be the festival’s Education Collaborator. An educational charity in Cornwall, UK, it carries the mission to connect people with living world and each other and creates out-of-campus learning experiences. The theme of water and the state of Flow are celebrated through talks and sharing by cross-disciplinary local and international professionals and artists.

Of special highlight is the screening of A Plastic Ocean, a documentary produced by A Plastic Ocean Foundation. The award-winning documentary reveals the devastating impact of plastic waste on the marine environment, and its threat to human health. The film has been screened in over 60 countries.


Registration is required for this free event. Please also note that the English documentary will be supplemented with Chinese subtitles.


When: 2 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019 Where: Shalowan Village – Northwest Lantau Island