Parallax: Group Exhibition Exploring the Changing Experience of Space

Why We Recommend it

David Zwirner’s group exhibition Parallax features immersive installations, video, and film works that engage with a Chinese idiom that reflects on how the experience of space is infinitely changing.


David Zwirner presents Parallax, a group exhibition featuring works by gallery artists Francis Alÿs, Dan Flavin, Gordon Matta-Clark, Fred Sandback, and Diana Thater.

Parallax takes its inspiration from the Chinese idiom ji4 bou6 wun6 jing4 (移步換形), which translates to “the view before you transforms with every step you take,” exploring how the experience of space is contingent and infinitely changing.

Showcased at the exhibition are immersive installations, video, and film works by the five artists, all of which engage with the concept of ji4 bou6 wun6 jing4 by highlighting how space is perceived and experienced by the viewer.


When: 30 Jun 2020 - 31 Jul 2020 Where: David Zwirner – 5-6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central – Central