‘Pattern Recognition’ Explores What Happens When Computers and People Co-Design Textiles

Why We Recommend it

In his first solo exhibition in Asia, Los Angeles-based artist Channing Hansen presents his signature hand-knitted, textile-based works that introduce computation to craft.


In Pattern Recognition, Channing Hansen (b. 1972) showcases imaginative textiles that fuse hand labour, art and technology.

In order to create his work, Hansen lets computers generate an algorithm, which data set draws from a range of scientific concepts and mathematical formulae. They encompass an infinite combination of colours, fibres and patterns. He then skirts, washes, dyes, blend and spins the wool, before knitting the fabric by hand, using the pattern that is determined by the algorithm.

The mathematical calculation and the artist’s handicraft may at first glance be at odds with each other. Yet, through this paradox, Hansen explores the relationship between order and disorder, and visualises the aesthetics of algorithms and its influence on human life.


When: 11 Jan 2019 - 11 Feb 2019 Where: Simon Lee Gallery, 304, 3/F, Pedder Building – 12 Pedder Street – Central