Photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue’s Belle Epoche

Why We Recommend it

Jacques Henri Lartigue’s iconic photographs of the Belle Epoche celebrate life and demonstrate his keen eye for beauty.



Jacques Henri Lartigue started taking photos at the tender age of 6. He was a man who celebrated life and a photographer with an insatiable fascination for the world and his surroundings. 

Lartigue was friends with many literary and artistic celebrities including the playwright Sacha Guitry, the singer Yvonne Printemps, the painters Kees van Dongen, Pablo Picasso and the artist-playwright-filmmaker Jean Cocteau and other celebrities. Many of these characters became the subject of his photographs.

This exhibition offers a wide selection of Lartigue’s photographs which capture with uninhibited grace the joie de vivre of fashionable well-to-do French society during and after the Belle Epoque.


When: 4 May 2017 - 31 Jul 2017 Where: F11 Foto Museum – Happy Valley