Place to Place: Two Hong Kong Artists Visualise the Bittersweetness of Relocating

Why We Recommend it

Through imaginative illustrations, etchings and paper-cuts, Hong Kong artists Carmen Ng (b. 1988) and June Ho (b. 1990) share their experiences with changes of place and space.


Moving homes can be an overwhelming, bittersweet and sometimes even traumatic experience: often, the excitement and hope about starting a new chapter in your life goes hand-in-hand with the fear of losing your friends and family, anxiety about the future, and the nostalgic memories of the home you are leaving behind.

In Place to Place, a gentle yet poignant exhibition, Carmen Ng and June Ho share their experiences of coping with relocation, and encourage viewers to explore their own responses to comparable moments in their lives.

Ng uses various objects such as a metal gate, a bedside cabinet and a clock to re-connect with an apartment she used to call ‘home’ for over two decades. Ho’s works depict the tranquil landscapes she remembers from her childhood spent in the countryside.


When: 25 Jan 2019 - 16 Feb 2019 Where: Karin Weber Gallery – 20 Aberdeen Street – Central