Poetry & Intimacy: A Cha Reading

Why We Recommend it

“Poetry & Intimacy” of Cha, the first Hong Kong-based international English Asian-focused journal set up by local poet Tammy Ho, features contributors who will be reading their poems that explore different aspects of intimacy in poetry.


Part of the Cha Reading Series “Poetry & Intimacy” takes the online journal out into the physical world. It brings together poets, writers, translators and artists who are affiliated with Cha. Readings take place in various impromptu locations across the city, in public and private rooms, lecture halls, on park benches, in front of billboards or next to a window scratched by tree branches. Writers discuss issues, argue, debate and exchange to form dialogue and explore specific pertinent topics that inspire or beset the contemporary world.

Moderated by Ho, Poetry & Intimacy features established Australian poet and children’s author Alan Jefferies and Canadian award winning poet Kate Rogers, among others.

Please note that registration is recommended for the free event.


When: 8 Aug 2019 - 8 Aug 2019 Where: Kafnu Hong Kong, 2F, Kerry Hotel – 38 Hung Luen Road – Hung Hom