Poetry Reading: Hong Kong Literary Journal Cha Celebrates its 10th Birthday

Why We Recommend it

This is a reading of poets featured in a special edition of print publication Voices and Verses, in which ten writers associated with Cha Journal will read new and published works.




Selected poems from the ten-year history of Cha Journal (November 2007-October 2017) will be published in a special edition of the Hong Kong-based print poetry magazine, 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, in February 2018.

The poems are selected from over 900 published in the past decade in Cha, and they are some of the editors’ favourites, many of them pertaining to Hong Kong.

This event celebrates the launch of that edition, and will invite featured poets to read poetry to the audience. It has been co-organised by Cha’s Tammy Ho and Chirs Song of Voice and Verse.


When: 9 Mar 2018 - 9 Mar 2018 Where: Swing A Cat – Rear Shop, G/F, 241 To Kwa Wan Rd – To Kwa Wan