Projekt Berlin 2019: Tai Kwun’s New Arts Festival on Berlin

Why We Recommend it

The autumn festival brings together the breadth and depth of Berlin’s historical and significant influence as a powerhouse of creativity, culture and the arts.


Historically engaged in a perpetual state of transformation, Berlin represents one of the most versatile arts scenes in Europe and beyond. Projekt Berlin marks a special moment for Tai Kwun to celebrate Berlin’s cultural collision between the old-world charm and modern-day verve through the multi-faceted lens of both classical and contemporary arts.

The festival’s programmes are set in the distinctive backdrop of Tai Kwun’s old and new architecture, offering immersive, site-specific experiences for the different tastes and interests of Tai Kwun visitors from all walks of life. It features a wide variety of music, dance, film and arts experiences with the community, delving into the history of a reborn city once torn in two, as well as its intrinsic resilience in finding relevance in every era.


When: 4 Nov 2019 - 17 Nov 2019 Where: Tai Kwun – 10 Hollywood Road – Central