Pulitzer Prize-winning Drama Buried Child Comes To Hong Kong

Why We Recommend it

Brooding American Gothic work Buried Child – which tells a woeful but intriguing story of family dysfunction – is staged in Hong Kong for the first time


Presented in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles, the surrealist-symbolist production tells the story of how three generations of an American peasant family deal with the mysterious death of a baby.

It is based on a work by American writer Sam Shepard, and explores the trope of dysfunctional families with hyperrealist storytelling techniques. The story’s gloomy roster of characters include grandfather Dodge, who knows where the baby is buried,  grandmother Halie and eldest son Tilden, who refuse to talk about it, and second son Bradley who  has long been filled with resentment to his family.

When grandson Vince  and his girlfriend Shelly arrive, this “buried secret” is uncovered overnight, layer upon layer, as the vortex of guilt spares no one.


When: 15 Jul 2017 - 23 Jul 2017 Where: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre – 5 Edinburgh Pl, Central – Central