Ruff Year Ahead: Chinese New Year 2018 Celebrates Man’s Best Friend

Why We Recommend it

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year (春節), is Hong Kong’s biggest and most colourful holiday. 2018 is the year of The Dog (狗) .


Historically, gwonin4 (過年), meaning to pass the year, was not as innocent as it sounds: nin was actually a great monster who had to be appeased with food or chased away with the colour red and loud fire crackers.

The city is being painted red, filled with orange mandarin trees, red paper fortune scrolls and all kinds of cakes and other snacks, and purses are stuffed with empty red packets (leisi利是). Other customs include traditional dragon dances, having reunion dinners and eating dumplings at midnight.

Read more about traditional Chinese New Year foodNew Year Cake (年糕), and The Big Cleanup (大掃除) before all the celebrations kick off.


When: 16 Feb 2018 - 19 Feb 2018 Where: Various, Hong Kong