Rehearsal: A Play About Paranoia by Little Theatre Workshop

Why We Recommend it

Inspired by the Causeway Bay Books disappearances in 2015, Little Theatre Workshop puts on a play that touches on how Hong Kong is being shrouded by paranoia and pessimism under political uncertainties.


The story follows a playwright who rehearses his new work about the future with his wife. Yet as the future becomes unpredictable, both are trapped and confused by the thin line between reality and fiction. They begin to realise the widening gaps that draw them apart, be it family, life or social values. Will they choose to remain faithful to what they believe in? Or maintain their bond at all cost?

Rehearsal premiered in Foo Tak House in 2016. Little Theatre Workshop brought back and restructured the show in the light of the National Security Law of People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23 crises in 2018, which stirred up social paranoia in the city. This year, Rehearsal attempts to depict the psyche of the city. It features theatre actress Ceci Chan, who won Actress of the Year at International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) in 2017, and Ronald Lam, The Scholarship of Acting Performance Award recipient in 2010 for starring in The Taming of the Shrew.

Please note that the Cantonese production contains coarse language. Children under six will not be admitted.


When: 13 Dec 2019 - 15 Dec 2019 Where: Black Box Theatre, Tai Po Civic Centre – 12 On Pong Road – Tai Po