Rejuvenating Traditions: A Look into Ink Art’s Future

Why We Recommend it

Investing the direction in which ink art is headed, experts discuss how to rejuvenate old traditions in fresh and enduring ways (in Cantonese).


As a millennia-old-medium, ink art taps into the cultural nerve of the Chinese.

In recent years, its contemporary pioneers have started to achieve greater acclaim, as China’s art market starts catering towards native tastes and sensibilities rather than simply pandering to western aesthetics.

Once confined to brush and rice (xuan) paper, ink art now spans a spectrum of mediums, including installation, video, and sculpture – while exploring modern, global phenomena and themes.

But what next for the art form? How will the next generation of artists push the boundaries further and what might this say about the Chinese society moving forward?

In this talk, young, talented artist Hung Fai will be accompanied by experts from Christie’s Asia and Galerie Du Monde.

Read Zolima CityMag’s article on Ink Art, in which Hung Fai is featured, here.

(This event will be held in Cantonese).




When: 26 Jun 2017 - 26 Jun 2017 Where: The Library at Duddell's – Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street – Central