Revelation: New Works by Antoine Rameau and Valérie Winckler

Why We Recommend it

Ink painted collages and psychedelic photograms by French artists Antoine Rameau and Valérie Winckler are on show at La Galerie Paris 1839.


In Revelation, Antoine Rameau presents his new series of ink painted collages on old books, magazines and newspapers from the 1920s to 1950s. Titled Empreintes—“prints” or “impressions”—his portion of the show explores a passion Rameau developed in childhood, when he roamed the forest and found wild animal tracks in the mud and snow that ignited his imagination.

Rameau applies a similar process to his works, combining hardwood prints and dotted finger painting—a technique inspired by Indigenous Australian art—to represent dreams and Mother Nature.

Valérie Winckler’s psychedelic The Atlantide and Phosphène offers a sense of adventure and mystery. Through photograms—a photographic image made without a camera)—she discovered the possibility of revealing an imaginative world that fascinated her. In the footprints of waves, sand, and pebbles, she finds nebulae and new territories, as if she were at the birth of the universe.

Winckler’s photograms capture all kinds of elements in nature with their own distinctive flair. Her works allow viewers to travel freely within the images, following her imagination and travelling the universe she invites her viewers to share.

The exhibition can also be viewed online here.


When: 27 Mar 2020 - 10 May 2020 Where: La Galerie Paris 1839 – 74 Hollywood Road – Central