Painting a Noun… : New Works by Rose Wylie at David Zwirner

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New works by contemporary British painter Rose Wylie will be on display in painting a noun… at David Zwirner, her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.


David Zwirner is presenting an exhibition of new work by contemporary British painter Rose Wylie – her first solo presentation in Hong Kong. Painting a noun… will feature groups of paintings and drawings that underscore the importance of memory.

Drawing inspiration from film, fashion photography, literature, mythology and more, Wylie paints colourful and exuberant compositions. She works primarily from memory, resulting in paintings that remain only loosely associated to their original inspirations, but tightly connected to the memories they have developed over time.

Wylie begins with recognisable, everyday images, and submits them to a process of transformation that renders them wholly her own and, as a result, her paintings open onto larger themes including gender, beauty, celebrity, and art history.

Wylie, born in 1934, studied at Folkestone and Dover School of Art, Kent, and the Royal College of Art, London, from which she graduated in 1981.



When: 9 Jan 2020 - 22 Feb 2020 Where: H Queen's – 80 Queen's Road Central – Central