It’s A Heaven Over There: Samson Young Searches For Utopia

Why We Recommend it

Renowned multimedia artist and composer Samson Young invites audiences to debate the notion of utopia on a city-wide touring broadcast van for a 12-hour live radio show.


Taking his 2015 artwork Nocturne—a sound performance based on found video footages of night bombings collected from the internet—as a starting point, Young invites guests and audiences to share ideas about the concept of ‘utopia’. The discussion will cover history, art, cinema and international relations, exploring notions such as where a heaven-like utopia could be, if at all. The continuous, 12-hour-long programme will be streamed live online; the final hour will also be broadcast on RTHK Radio 4 FM 97.6.

A line-up of established guests of various industries will be featured: international relations scholar Simon Shen, film director Tsang Tsui Shan, politician Cyd Ho, and concert pianist Nancy Loo. Pianist Geneva Fung will accompany the discussions with her harpsichord improvisation onsite, using the ‘Utopia playlist’ selected by guests.


When: 29 Dec 2018 - 29 Dec 2018 Where: Various